As the name suggests, a luxury escort is a very special companion. Internet is full of profiles of girls offering their company services and many customers do not look further. However, when looking for the perfect evening, we must put the magnifying glass on the luxury escorts. It’s the way to make sure one night ten.


Luxury sluts, escorts and escorts

The whores, escorts and luxury escorts seem to have a common trade but the differences are very evident. We have only to contract the services of both to experience their characteristics without much research.

The public wonders how they differ from each other if in the end the sexual service is the one that prevails, well, let’s investigate a little more. We talk to some La Vie en Rose customers about this and we ask them to tell us about their way of seeing them. «For me, and without the intention of offending anyone, the first ones, the whores, are the ones who dedicate themselves to sexual service, period. Many times fast and without any connection. You can not expect conversation or anything more than simple French or penetration. Escorts are something else. »

We continue to deepen the subject while chatting with other clients. «The escorts are something more select. When you want to have a good time, not only sex but conversation, open a bottle of champagne or go well accompanied, you have to look for an escort. They are very beautiful girls and with a great body. When you stay with one of them, you can be sure you’re going to like it. »

We take a step further and ask for the crème de la crème. The luxury escorts. What mystery is behind them? Beauty, education, good company, image, Venus in bed, what more could you ask for? Well, we keep adding some of its proven and most desired characteristics.



Know how to listen

One of the traits of luxury girls is their ability to listen and, even better, know how to be silent when the client is not looking for conversation but rather the opposite. They know how to ask when they should do it and not delve into a topic when the client so wishes. It is a matter of sensitivity and intelligence. Do not bother with personal or committed questions. They know very well how to control their curiosity and change it by listening.


From the previous one we link with the following, the discretion. One of the characteristics of the luxury escorts that make them that precisely, is their discretion. If an escort knows what she can and can not say, that is the luxury. Well because he has listened to the personal history of his client, well because he has not told her, the luxury girl knows how to keep secret what has happened.

Men often like to comment on what goes on when they close the suite door, but some are not in the business of saying who their sexual encounters are with or that they know it. This is where the profile of the luxury escorts stands out, as they are perfect companions before and after the appointment as the reputation is not affected by any comment after the meeting. More or less known men, seek the services of a luxury escort with the intention of living the experience in private. No one should know their tastes in bed and for this they make sure to meet a high-class girl.

Not judge

According to a client, one of the characteristics of the luxury girls that attracts her the most is «how easy everything goes with them». It is not the same French and penetration that we enter the world of fetishes, for example. «When I want to do something new or strange I like to call a luxury escort because I know, first, that I will keep the secret and, second, that I do not set limits and enjoy my fantasy as much as I do, even improve it» .

Costumes, sex toys, stagings and roles are some of the things we can ask a luxury escort with total freedom. Dare to make your fantasy come true without fear of a disapproving look. Ask her if she wants to share it with you and listen to her well because I’m sure she suggests something so that everything goes even better.

High voltage

These luxury girls usually spend a lot of time in the gym and take care of their health. In general, we can talk about the 90 60 90 perfect for some, or the more generous curves for others, but always stunning. As a luxury escort has a considerable fee, think that much of that money goes to your image and health. Your customers benefit greatly from that feedback. Soft hair, smooth skins, well turned muscles, charming smiles, all part of the appointment with the luxury escorts.

The envy of all

If what we want is company in an event, we can not play it. You have to bet on the winning option, that’s always the luxury girl. Education, knowing how to be, perfect companion and a sexual bomb in bed. A client tells us his experience with one of these girls. «I was going to a party after the presentation of a movie. It was not the first time I called a luxury girl, I have already done it again and I repeat with the ones I like the most because I know that everything will be fine. I stay with them to enjoy the party and then alone with her. They really become friends, I do not have any complaints